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Available in 3-7 days.', 'locations': [{'show_regional': False, 'min_safety_stock_days': 7, 'latitude': '38.8805175', 'updated_at': '2020-09-13T12:16:07.948642-04:00', 'slug': 'howl-to-the-chief', 'attrs': None, 'website_url': 'https://www.howltothechief.com', 'deleted': False, 'report_code': 'HTTC', 'is_public': True, 'max_safety_stock_days': 21, 'longitude': '-76.9953861', 'is_enabled': True, 'entity': {'postal_code': '20003', 'created_at': '2020-09-13T12:16:07.930517-04:00', 'name': 'Howl To The Chief', 'role_names': ['Location'], 'sub_state': '', 'firstname': '', 'updated_at': '2024-02-22T23:41:44.024917', 'url': '', 'businessname': 'Howl To The Chief', 'address_2': '', 'deleted': False, 'emails': {'Office': '[email protected]'}, 'iso_code': 'DC', 'attributes': {}, 'contact_numbers': {'Office': '(202) 544-8710'}, 'lastname': '', 'role_ids': [-2], 'is_active': True, 'city': 'Washington', 'region_fullname': 'District of Columbia', 'address_1': '719 8th Street SE', 'notes': '', 'smart_search': 'Howl To The Chief Howl To The Chief Location Washington 719 8th Street SE District of Columbia DC 2025448710 (202) 544-8710 [email protected] Howl To The Chief HTTC', 'id': 4, 'tax_exempt': False}, 'social_links': {'Instagram': 'https://www.instagram.com/howltothechief'}, 'open_hours': {'Friday': ['09:00:00', '19:00:00'], 'Monday': ['09:00:00', '19:00:00'], 'Sunday': ['09:00:00', '18:00:00'], 'Tuesday': ['09:00:00', '19:00:00'], 'Saturday': ['09:00:00', '19:00:00'], 'Thursday': ['09:00:00', '19:00:00'], 'Wednesday': ['09:00:00', '19:00:00']}, 'is_primary_store': True, 'marketing_phone': None, 'id': 4, 'receipt_name': 'Howl To The Chief'}], 'ecommerce_enabled': True, 'integration_id': 7, 'show_stocked_with_no_inv': True, 'handles_leads': False, 'id': 10, 'shop_url': None}}, 'global_theme_config': <ThemeConfiguration: Theme Configuration>}, {'block': <Block Node: content. 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